Listen to 90.3FM or visit KEXP radio online (kexp.org) on friday March 20th to hear Brooklyn’s own Matt & Kim in studio performance at The Cutting Room Studios. The live performance will be featured on the John Richards morning show between 9am and 12pm.

Tony Gillis mastered a new album for Iggy Pop featuring an eclectic group of songs in a variety of styles.  Tony also completed albums for last year’s SXSW buzz artist Erin McCarley and comedy writers The Lonely Island for Universal Republic Records.  The Lonely Island is a comedy trio consisting of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg all currently writers for Saturday Night Live.  Their album entitled Incredibad is due out early this year. Check out the new youtube videos from the group including the hilarious “I’m on a boat”…

Somali born rapper K’Naan has been in the studio working with engineer Rocky Gallo on new material.  His album “Troubadour” is due out this year.  This guy is a fascinating story and a really cool artist, check him out…

NY based pop/rock artists Jac & Jill are nearing completion of their self titled debut record due out this spring.  The girls are a unique mix of pop, rock, dance and funk…Visit them at www.myspace.com/jacandjillmusic

We are now offering one on one training courses in Protools, Mixing, Production, Mastering and more…. check out the “WHAT WE DO” section of our website for more information.

Lisa Loeb visited the studio to record a live EP for Limewire.  Lisa was backed up by Norah Jones regulars. Guitarist Adam Levy and Vocalist Daru Oda. Check out Limewire in early December for the digital only release. All proceeds go Lisa’s charity Camp Lisa. Producer/Engineers Eshy Gazit and Patrick Ermlich ran the sessions in Studio A.

Tracking has begun for a new record for NY based band Bullet Proof Messenger. Anthony “Rocky” Gallo is overseeing the project that is due out in early 2009.

We just wrapped up a great new record from UK artist Prema. World renowned Drummer Peter Erskine, Guitarist Wah Wah Watson and percussionist Bashiri Johnson backed up the soulful singer.  Engineer/Producer Eshy Gazit mixed the record along with contributions from Engineer Rocky Gallo and Mastering Engineer Tony Gillis. Keep an eye out for the yet to be titled record to debut on itunes soon.

French born R&B singer Sheryfa Luna just wrapped up mixes for her new record which is out on Universal France.  In demand producer Diesel put together the tracks and Engineer Tommy Uzzo was brought in to mix them down on the SSL 9000J.

The fall started out with mixing for the new Hana – B record in studio A with   engineer/producer James Loughrey (Victoria Beckham, Brian Eno, Sugababes) mixing. Tom Gardner assisted the mix sessions on the SSL 9000J.

Mastering sessions for increasingly popular rock band Hinder, Car Park North and Russian pop sensation Valeriya took place this fall with mastering engineer Tony Gillis.

Island Def Jam artist Chrisette Michelle continued with pre production for her new record with engineer Anthony Gallo.

Iconic Japanese pop group Dreams Come True visited Studio A to tracking vocals for their new record. Click here to learn more about Dreams Come True.

Productions continue for new artist Sarah Tracey, The Post Modern and pop group Jac & Jill with producers Patrick Ermlich and Eshy Gazit.

Pop/Rock group Ludo visited to work in studio B cutting vocals for their hit “Love Me Dead”.

Just as citizens of a nation must be educated about their rights to ensure that they are protected and upheld, so too must those who compose words and music know the rights that support their own acts of creation. Without these rights, which directly emanate from the U.S. Constitution, many who dream of focusing their talents and energies on music creation would be economically unable to do so – an outcome that would diminish artistic expression today and for future generations. At this time, when so many forces are seeking to diminish copyright protections and devalue artistic expression, this Bill of Rights for Songwriters and Composers looks to clarify the entitlements that every music creator enjoys. Click below to sign the Bill Of Rights


The Summer began with a writing and tracking collaboration between Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley, Beck) and Julian Casablancas (front man for The Strokes). Assistant engineer Tom Gardner and producer Eshy Gazit worked the sessions.

Alive Entertainment artist Lily Holbrook wrapped up her new album in studio A. Producer/Engineer Anthony “Rocky” Gallo mixed the record on the SSL 9000J. In- house Producer Eshy Gazit added 3 tracks to complete the record.  Check out Lily in the studio performing her single Apocolypse Kiss.

Island Def Jam artist Chrisette Michelle returned to start pre production for her new record in studio B.

Cutting Room regular John Legend returned this summer to work on some new tracks in studio A with Anthony “Rocky” Gallo.

Voiceover worked began in June with Research Design Specialists, developing Voiceover recognition software for the Onstar program.

Legendary Japanese pop group Dreams Come True visited us this summer to cut vocals for their new album.

Our ongoing podcast series The Zro Hour continued in Studio A .  THE ZRO HOUR began as a twice monthly, underground/pirate radio show broadcast on Galaxy Plus 90.5 FM in Brooklyn, NY. THE ZRO HOUR is hosted by EDAYE, ALEXIE F., and DJ AMBUSH-SIX ZRO Entertainment’s founders. The format includes Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Underground and classics. The show draws influences from New York Hip Hop radio past and present.

Tony Gillis mastered independent records for InnaStereo from Spain, Francis And The Lights, Car Park North and Days Before Tomorrow. Also mastered this summer were tracks for ATO Records, Universal artist 3 Doors Down and Sony BMG artist Boys Like Girls.

Independent albums and productions underway this summer include Clarissa Cupero, seen below, along with The Memories and pop group Jac and Jill.

The Spring started out with tracking sessions for John Legend’s new record Evolver due out in October of this year. Anthony “Rocky” Gallo ran the sessions in Studio A.

Lez Zeppelin returned to mix down some tracks with Rocky for the increasingly popular game Rock Band for MTV Games.

Island Def Jam artist Chrisette Michelle returned to work with us on tracks for her new record that is currently in production.

Mos Def returned to start working on tracks for his next album due out on super hip label Downtown Records.

Downtown also brought us some tracking sessions with emerging artist Kid Sister who’s first single “Pro Nails” featured Kanye West.

Atlantic Records artist Estelle returned to the studio to lay down some vocals for a Gym Class Hereos track, making an interesting collaboration.

Alive Entertainment artist Lily Holbrook began production on her new album due out in August.  Anthony “Rocky” Gallo and Eshy Gazit added production for the record.

Our chief mastering engineer Tony Gillis has been busy mastering for Universal artists 10 years, Rehab and 3 Doors Down as well as a host of independent projects.

Independent albums completed in the spring included an international album for The Hours (produced by Eshy Gazit and Patrick Ermlich) recorded in both NY and Israel simultaneously. Check out the video for the single “Quiet”.

Other independent albums include Scott Syler – Empire State of Mind, and heavy rock group SOMA.


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