Beach House to Record a LIVE In-Studio Session Wednesday (6/20)

If you haven’t heard of Beach House by now, you’re probably lying. If you haven’t fallen in love with Beach House by now, you’re also probably lying. Ever since their debut self-titled album landed the #16 spot on Pitchfork’s Best Albums of 2006, the Baltimore-based duo has been making waves on shores across the globe. Before kicking off their nearly 3-month international tour Frightened Eyes across the US, UK, France, Germany, Poland and The Netherlands, Beach House is stopping in at The Cutting Room on Wednesday June 20 to record a live in-studio session for broadcast on KEXP radio. If we said we weren’t super stoked, we’d totally be lying.

Beach House, composed of Baltimore native Alex Scally (drums and keys) and French born Victoria Legrand (vocals and organ), has released three more albums since 2006 – each more widely received than the one before. Their third album, Teen Dream (2010), ranked #5 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of 2010 and #63 on US Billboard charts. The duo recently released their fourth album Bloom last month (5/15) with SubPop Records. Ranking #7 on US charts and #15 in the UK, Bloom is constructed to be understood as a sum of its parts – every component of each song functioning to create the whole. Legrand describes the album to be about “the irreplaceable power of imagination as it relates to the intense experience of living.”

Be sure to tune in this Wednesday, June 20th at 12N EST to 90.3 to hear Beach House record live from The Cutting Room, or stream the set from! Don’t forget to check back for photos of the in-studio session, and updates on more live music to come!

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