Cutting Room Sessions With KEXP

The Cutting Room and KEXP Radio are partnering to provide the space and technology for artists to connect their live performances with listeners around the world. We donate our services as part of a larger effort to give back to the local music community that we have been immersed in for the last 15 years. Click on the band links to the left to see pictures and high definition video of the studio sessions featuring some amazing bands.

KEXP is more than just a radio station. In addition to its eclectic music mix, KEXP has a goal to teach listeners more about the craft of making music, the history of popular music, and the musicians making today’s new sounds. Click on the icons below to learn more about KEXP’s programming.

Listen to the recordings below, recorded and mixed in Studio A . We have mastered the art of recording and mixing bands quickly and professionally.  To learn how your band can record in the same style, click here.

[mp3-jplayer  tracks=”FEED:/kexpaudio/showcase”  list=”y”]

Broadcasts are streaming on and on iTunes radio, under Eclectic.

Dougy Mandagi of The Temper Trap at The Cutting Room Studios


Choir Of Young Believers at The Cutting Room with studio manager David Crafa (left) and Chief Engineer Tom Gardner (second from left)


KEXP DJ John Richards during The Morning Show, broadcasting from Studio A at The Cutting Room.