Fletcher C. Johnson

The boys of Fletcher C. Johnson stopped by The Cutting Room to record a live in-studio session for broadcast on KEXP radio. The trio, named for their vocalist (who, we found out, happens to be Matt Johnson’s brother of Matt & Kim, who also recorded live from The Cutting Room for KEXP), brought a super chill energy to the studio and had everyone laughing between songs. We were lucky to have host of KEXP’s The Morning Show, John Richards, broadcast the show from a studio control room inside the studio. In-house photographer, Lauren Slusher, grabbed some great pictures of the session for you to check out below.

Fletcher C. Johnson live from The Cutting Room

Laying down the bass line

Fletcher C. Johnson himself, on guitar

Drummer Thomas O’Brian aka Tommy Guns

Rocking out in Studio A

Cables and chords

Fletcher C. Johnson at The Cutting Room in New York City

You can find the rest of the photos from the session here! Visit to stream a recording of the live set.

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