Niki & the Dove

SubPop/Mercury Records signed Niki & the Dove spread some Scandinavian charm at the studio during a live in-studio session with KEXP radio. Marking the one month anniversary of their debut LP Instinct, the trio rocked out in Studio A on The Morning Show with John Richards. Engineered by The Cutting Room’s Tom Gardner and Matt Craig, the set was a really good time. Swedish sweetheart Malin Dahlstrom danced around the live room, laying sugary vocals carefully over bliss-pop beats from Magnus Boqvist (drums) and Gustaf Karlof (keys). After the session, the band hung with The Cutting Room staff – curious whether the gold vinyls framed on the walls of the studio lobby actually play music, the crew grabbed an Angie Stone record down to test it out (we found out that it did, in fact, play and it played a Jimmy Ponder album) – before heading over to Brooklyn to play their sold out gig at The Glasslands Gallery.

Niki & the Dove live from Studio A at The Cutting Room


Keyboardist Gustaf Karlof


 Vocalist Malin Dahlstrom

Drummer Magus Boqvist

Rocking out to some Angie Stone, um, Jimmy Ponder with Chief Engineer Tom Gardner (second from left), engineer Matt Craig (third from left) and The Cutting Room owner David Crafa (second from right)

Niki & the Dove soaking up the sun outside of The Cutting Room in New York City

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