PT Walkley

 "Mr. Macy Wakes Alone, which Time Out NY calls “an ambitious work in the mold of a ‘60s double LP, with recurring characters and musical themes,” arrives in an era when many listeners focus their attention on single tracks. It is Walkley’s ambition to return to the notion of an album as a full musical experience. With Mr. Macy Wakes Alone, Walkley tells the story of Audrey Macy, a Manhattan trust fund kid; her father, an evil record executive; and Calvin the Coroner, an aspiring songwriter exploited by Mr. Macy. What unfolds is a tragicomedy complete with introduction, climax and resolution, ultimately culminating with the triumphant symphony of “Somebody.” –

PT Walkley interview with John Richards from KEXP Radio at The Cutting Room

The band jams out on a great set in Studio A at The Cutting Room

PT Walkley runs through a 5 song set of selections from his Mr. Macy Walks Alone album