The Choir Of Young Believers

"I wasn’t sure how many people were in this "choir," or even how the many voices on the album would translate to live radio, but I was pretty sure that more than two were required — even though that’s about all that would fit in this space anyway. As the duo warmed up on cello, guitar and two mics, I could already tell that something special was about to happen. But nothing prepared me for the four songs they would perform live on KEXP…" – Morning host John Richards 



Photo by Gabi Porter

Members of Choir Of Young Believers with former MTV VJ John Norris (far right), Morning show host John Richards (third from left) along with The Cutting Room’s David Crafa (far left) and Tom Gardner (second from left)

Photo by Gabi Porter

Jannis Noya Makrigiannis and Caecilie Trier of Choir Of Young Believers in Studio B at The Cutting Room for an acoustic performance during CMJ week.