Dirty Projectors Record Live In-Studio Session for KEXP (6/21)

With works likened to those of artists ranging from Beethoven to Led Zeppelin, Brooklyn-based American rock band Dirty Projectors has peaked the interest of fans and musicians alike. The hype is not undeserved – with six full-length albums released since their debut in 2003, Dirty Projectors has combined complex classical orchestration and technique with everything from punk to classic rock to West African influences to produce a sound unriveled. Over the past near-decade, the band – sculpted by former Yale student, Dave Longstreth – has put out albums conceptually reminiscent of Don Henley (The Getty Address 2005), reinterpreted from memory of Black Flag’s album Damaged (Rise Above 2007), and in conjunction with 12-time Grammy nominee Bjork (Mount Wittenberg Orce 2010). Check out this 2009 interview with Dave Longstreth, discussing his musical influences, and why he doesn’t like Frank Zappa.

Dirty Projectors are set to release their seventh full-length album Swing Lo Magellan on July 10 with Domino Records. The album, featuring 12 tracks (selected from about 40 finished demos written), promises to be intimate – warm and imperfect, accidental and spontaneous. The crew already released a music video for the first single off the new album, entitled Gun Has No Trigger, which you can watch here.

Before heading out for an almost 4-month tour, playing gigs nearly every night across the US, Canada, Japan and the UK, Dirty Projectors will in the studio recording a live in-studio session on KEXP radio this Thursday, June 21 at 12N EST. Be sure to tune into 90.3FM, or stream the session at kexp.org or through iTunes, under eclectic. Remember to check back here for photos of the recording session, and more updates from the studio!

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