Latham Thomas Records “Own Your Glow” Audio Book at The Cutting Room!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of recording the audio book of “Own Your Glow” with Latham Thomas! This New York based celebrity wellness guru knows all the secrets to a good voice recording—apple slices and peppermint oil! Check out the videos below from her sessions in Studio A.


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SALUTATION 🙏🏽 Saluting the women of the world . . . The womb of the world. The creative matrix. . . . The ephemeral and the everlasting. . . . The dark, damp, and divine . . . The moody moon. . . . The goddess within and the priestess showing out . . . Saluting the cosmic dance of embodied Shakti undulating . . . Waves, water, womb. The future is, always, and forever shall be female. Woman is the beginning and within her lies a universe. Her ornate topography is sacred. Her hips are holy. Saluting her strength and bowing to her vulnerability. She is complex, complicated, compassionate, curious, cultivated. . . . She is inclusive, supportive, loving, gentle (but don’t cross her), and kind. She is badass, breaking rules, blazing trails, and forging bonds. Spirit guide, big mama, boss lady, activist. She unites everyone. She uplifts. She is the crux of the community. She is a leader . . . The leader . . . The mother. Mama. Pregnant with promise. Womb ignited. Love coursing through her bosom. The future suckling at her breast. Slaying the agenda barefoot and in high heels, from bedroom to boardroom, from home to office, from city to countryside. May we reclaim the sanctity of our bodies. The world is spawned within each of us. Saluting those living in bondage (may we continue the fight for you), break the mold and stand firmly in our power to be a force for change. And to those thriving in liberation and using their glow power to be a force for good in this world (to whom much is given, much is expected), may we shine together as one, as WOMEN. May you be supported and guided by the light. This work is channeled from my soul, birthed through my fingertips onto these here pages, and dedicated to each of you . . . One love @glowmaven _ This is the opening invocation from my bestselling book- OWN YOUR GLOW: A SOULFUL GUIDE TO LUMINOUS LIVING AND CROWNING THE QUEEN WITHIN 👑 – I channeled these words years ago and they are just as fresh today. Swipe for the full salutation. _ For those who have waited patiently for this audio book- it’s on its way to you. Stay tuned. 🙏🏽 Thank you to @jecolmenero & @thecuttingroomstudios #ownyourglow #ownyourglowbook #salutation

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