Rick Ross / Zayn / AlunaGeorge / Mark Hudson w/Corey Glover / Rich The Kid / DMC / Lil Pump / The Walking Dead / Steve Earle

We have been extremely busy lately at The Cutting Room with an incredible list of guests. Rick Ross was in tracking vocals with Cutting Room’s Joseph Colmenero. Joe Colmenero also had the pleasure of working with Producer Mark Hudson who was in tracking vocals with Living Colours Corey Glover. Zayn Malik stopped by to write and record with Rob Oleary. Cutting Rooms up and coming engineer Cameron Perry was busy working with Rich The Kid. Cutting Rooms Chief Engineer Anthony Spinnato was busy this month working on some great sessions with Steve Earle, Lil Pump and also did ADR for Season 8 of The Walking Dead while our own John Gratton was busy with both Aluna George and the King of Rock DMC in Studio A.

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