Kaila Pehl

Born into a family of artists, Kaila got her start in videography as an illustrator. Upon entering Syracuse University, illustration quickly transitioned into a love of photography and the moving image. After graduating with a Film degree and a concentration in photography, Kaila has found her niche in the music industry among her favorite type of artist – the musician!

Kaila has spent the better part of the last four years photographing live shows and filming music videos. She spent the last year in Los Angeles working with recording artists to produce behind-the-scenes documentary work. During her time spent in the studio, Kaila has come to develop an immense appreciation for the collaborative process behind the music – a process that she can describe on as “pure magic.” She believes that capturing the creative process through video makes for a truly unforgettable fan experience when the final product is complete.

Danny Clinch is Kaila’s biggest influence in the biz, but mainly it’s the music that keeps her heart in it for the long run. She believes in nothing as much as she believes in the power of music. Accompany that with strong visuals, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a finished project.