About Classes

With 20+ years in the industry, we are happy to offer classes and share everything we have learned over the years. Here is what we think are the most important things to get up to speed on if you are a DIY artist/band, or an aspiring audio professional.

Mixing: Our mixing class dives deeper into Protools and gives you tools and techniques that you can apply to your home recording projects and bring out the potential of your music. Not only do we teach mixing from a technical perspective but also from a musical and conceptual angle. You can bring in a personal session and apply what you learn on your own music.

Mastering: In this class you will learn mastering techniques and theory.

Pro Tools: This class covers the basics of Protools operation. Perfect for home recording enthusiasts looking to get up to speed with this industry standard software.

Custom: Tell us what you are most interested in learning and we will design a class specifically tailored to your interests.

All classes are private one on one sessions with one of our experienced staff engineers.

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For scheduling and pricing please give us a call at 212-260-0905 or email bookings@thecuttingroom.com