Whether you’re looking to shoot your next album cover, or to update your fans with photos from your latest recording session or live gig, The Cutting Room can provide you with the professional photographs you need to ensure that quality of your image represents the quality of your music.  At The Cutting Room, you’ll have an opportunity to work with a professional photographer, in conjunction with our creative director, to both develop your artistic concept and secure its proper execution. In combining professional knowledge of photography with personalized attention to creative detail, we are confident that both the content and quality of your photographs will narrate the story that you would like to tell.

Photographer Lauren Slusher is a lifestyle photojournalist based in Brooklyn since 2006. Her clients are recording artists, writers, visual performers, families, and people in love. Lauren’s background in the journalism darkroom led to her storytelling approach toward all portrait-making. As the photographer for our live sessions with KEXP radio, Lauren has worked with a wide variety of musicians to capture their creative energy through images to share with fans.