Mastering Rates

:$95/song, $25/alternate version
(this is for electronic delivery only with 2-3 days turn around time)

and attended sessions: $125/song, $25/alternate version

Hourly rate unattended sessions: $175/hour
(best rate for LP mastering and de-noise/audio restoration)

Hourly rate attended sessions: $250/hour

for CD duplication: $50 (3 or less tracks)  $100
(4 or more tracks)

: $25/cd

 : additional $25/track

: additional $25/track

: $125/hour with a six-hour minimum.
(For mix projects that may require less than the six-hour minimum, please contact the studio manager).

For any and all other budget inquiries please contact the studio manager. 212.260.0905

Upload your track(s) to us and the master files are sent back in two to three days. Having some scheduling flexibility allows us to charge this minimum rate. 
This is for when you need your project done quickly. Two to three days won’t do. It’s the same upload/download procedure but you are scheduled in ASAP.  This is also the per track rate for attended single and EP sessions.
If you plan too release your project as a CD you’ll need one of these. This is the final master that is sent to the plant from which your CD will be duplicated. ISRC encoding is strongly recommended. (Ask us if you don’t know about this). Mac users can also be sent a playable version of this final DDPi master. The studio manager will go over all of this with you.
You can most likely make these yourself but if you need our help, they’re $25 each or 4 for $75. (Any shipping is not included).
Standard mastering is delivered at CD resolution (16bit/44.1k). We offer alternate resolution master files up to 24bit/192k. These files are run separately with analog to digital converters set accordingly. No SRC’s are used in generating these alternate files.Great for archiving and hi res format release such as Flac.
An alternative to the loudness war and heavy-handed digital limiting. Even if it’s just for your own listening, you will be amazed by this “less is more” approach. This is basically analog only processing, paying strict attention to dynamics and level before the analog to digital converter. Nothing after that. Pure and simple. And no digital brickwall limiting. 
This is the ultimate bridge between mixing and mastering.
Mixing in Studio B is set up through our 16 channel Neve 8016 summing mixer. But Studio B is also home to mastering at The Cutting Room and the analog output of the Neve is only 3 feet away from the analog input of the Maselec mastering console. So when it’s time for mastering, the mix session is simply opened up again and played back…just as it was last saved. And, since the stereo output of the Neve is already analog, there is no need for printing or for bouncing or for any further digital conversion. Just two short cables between your mix and final mastering.