Production Services

The Cutting Room is a leader in the NYC music scene in high end production services for independent artists and bands.

Is your project missing something? Do you write songs, but need help finding your sound, or shaping your musical identity? At The Cutting Room we have a staff of producers who provide a variety of music production services:

-Vocal Production/Arrangement            -Custom Beats

-Synthetic Composition                            -String, Horn, Orchestral Arrangement

-Premier NYC Session Players               -Pre-Production – Artist Development

For a custom production, the role of “producer” varies based on many factors, and our production team can provide any or all of the services above.  Whether you are looking to put out a single, make an EP or create a full length record, we will guide you through the process and make the end result something that stands out, is commercially competitive, and is a completely custom production for you.

Our production philosophy operates under the premise that each project is unique and requires a fresh approach and open mind to make it come to life. Our aim is to cultivate and identify your sound so that it will translate in the best possible way.

So, where do we start? Whether you are brand new to the recording process, or a seasoned studio veteran, our team will develop a personalized strategy to achieve your goal. The first step is to open a dialogue with our studio manager, David, who will use his experience to pair you with the appropriate producer who can best provide the services that you need.

Email or call 212-260-0905 to get started today!