Audio Post Production

The Cutting Room is a leader in Audio Post Production for high-end clients with whom we work locally and remotely, through our multiple forms of remote connectivity. 

Our studios are conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. We are a boutique recording studio which offers a variety of Audio Post Services, including:

-ADR and Voice Over

-Mix to Picture: Stereo/5.1

-Remote Connections*

-Sound Design



*Remote Connections: Connect digitally with the industry standard ISDN network, Source-Connect, video chat with Skype, or dial in with a phone patch. Whether you’re capturing last-minute ADR with a talent in NYC, directing a commercial from the comfort of your home/office, or syncing studios from anywhere in the world, The Cutting Room can connect with you.

Our esteemed client list speaks to our versatility, experience, and technical ability.  You can view some of our past work on the tab to the left.

Call our studio manager, David MacLeod, to coordinate your sessions with us!     212.260.0905
Or, send him an email at