Services & Portfolio

Pro Websites

Website For We Are Augustines
  • Cutting edge technology and design
  • Music players, photo and video galleries hosted either on your own site or from your Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo or Youtube accounts
  • Easily update your content and manage your blog with a site built on WordPress
  • Sync your website info with your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, ArtistData ect.
  • Build your fanbase with email signup forms
  • Send out custom designed email newsletters
  • Reach more fans with an iPhone optimized site
  • eCommerce, sell your music and merch online
  • CD/package design from singles & EPs to full albums with booklet inserts
  • Your own custom iPhone App
  • Social media campaigns: custom designs / profile images for all your social sites like Myspace and Twitter
  • Promo designs; flyers, posters, business cards, dropcards

Your visual look.  The logo, color scheme and design style.

identity design - amy reganidentity design - syler

Album Art and Design

Holly Danger Illustration & Design Zacharia
Emily Rawlings Photography Amy Regan, Syler